Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Blues

Hello all!

It's Monday..and you know what that means yes. The typical Monday Blues. 

Today I was really riding the struggle bus though..actually I was driving it. I could go into the whole long story of why it was such a struggle, and why it was such a bad day..but I think I'll spare you the boring and unneccessary details. "It was just a typical Monday" as many people would say. But why are Monday's looked at as "bad days" or the worst day of the week?

It's all perspective, and social pressure. Monday is just another day of the week, the same as Tuesday, or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But because of the social complaining of Monday as the "start of the week", it's always always regarded as the "bad day of the week". What if Tuesdays or Wednesdays was someone's 'Monday', that'd be more of a struggle for them right?

I have to stop blaming bad days on the day of the week. The same goes for Wednesdays...oh it's Wednesday, the middle of the week, I'm tired, I'm over it. But in reality, it's just a normal day, just happens to be a bad day.  But it's not Wednesday or Monday's fault!! THEY WEREN'T BORN THAT WAY. 

So how do we change it?? How do we change our point of view, or thought process about Mondays? I had a bad Monday, but it's the first Monday of the school year and I am determined to make the best of every Monday that is to come. I will not have another "typical Monday".

So here's some guidelines, or points I think will help the Monday Blues, change to a day you may actually look forward too. If you have any others..feel free to comment and share what you think! 

1) Wear something unique, creative, different, daring, or a special outfit you just find untouchabley perfect!

2) In the morning: have your favorite kind of coffee and a new breakfast you've never tried before! Or your favorite breakfast, but you just don't make too often. If you're in a hurry in the mornings, flip flop for a lunch or dinner!

3) For girls: make sure your make-up is done just the way you like. Don't slack because you're "tired", but make it pop. Your eyes should glisten and your teeth should sparkle. 

4) Your hair should be on point! Try a new hairstyle, or one that really makes you feel like a rockstar

    (Appearance is key ladies and

5) Make Mondays your off days (workouts) and a treat day. Go out for a coffee with a friend (make it a weekly date) or buy yourself that chocolate bar at the gas station. Whatever indulgence you enjoy.

6) Try and make a point to smile and say hi to 5 different people you wouldn't normally say hi too! Whether at school, in the office, grocery store. Being social and friendly won't just make someone else's day, but helps improve yours!!
Extra challenge: actually strike up a conversation! Never know where it could take you. (New significant other maybe?)

7) Make sure for an early rise and an early to bed. I'm a morning person, but shoot for that one day that you'll actually put the extra effort in in the morning, and get up 1 hour earlier! It'll get your energy up higher by the time you get to school/work (well it works for me), and may even be able to fit in some yoga! Then aim for an earlier bed time (obviously not applicable for me tonight since I am writing this at 11 pm, which is late for me), get a better nights rest to prepare you for Tuesday. The "second worst  day of the week"

So goal: make Monday's the best you can possibly make them, and change their stigma. They're just another day of the week!!

If you have comments or ideas, feel free to share. I'd love to hear them! And I also apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Im exhausted, it's been a rough day, I'm laying in bed..and don't feel like rereading! (I know a huge no-no) 

Hope everyone's Mondays were better than mine, and good luck on the many to come. Mondays are unavoidable, so why not make them the best they can be?? 
I sure am going to try too. Looking forward to trying out my 7 ideas next week. I'll let you know how they work out!

Have a goodnight☺️ 


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